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Louisville Ballet’s 2013-2014 Educational Programs

As you prepare your lesson plans for the school year, consider the Louisville Ballet’s in-school programming to give your students a rich art experience through dance. We offer a variety of programs – from week-long residencies to assembly style programs – and we’re always happy to work with you on specific needs to taylor a program for your students.

Please contact Jenny LaWall, Education andOutreach Coordinator, at (502) 583-3150 x251 for more information or to schedule a program.

Download the 2013-2014 Education and Outreach Programs brochure.

Content Standards for Student Matinees

Away From the Desk (Grades K – 4)

This five session program will provide students with dance instruction that addresses the elements of dance. Skills that will be developed include the practical application of Core Content Dance vocabulary/terminology, stage direction and working as an ensemble (teamwork). Due to the participation required of the students, groups no larger than 30 will be considered. Fee:$550

Bridging Cultures (Grades 3 – 5)

This eight session dance education program explores the connection between African dance and culture and European classical ballet and culture. The students will take part in hands-on instruction in African dance, ballet, visual art and music. This multi-disciplined program covers Core Content in three Arts and Humanities Organizers. Due to the participation required of students, groups no larger than 30 will be considered. Fee: $900

Choreographers’ Workshop (Grades 5 – 12)

How does one create a dance masterpiece or even come up with sixteen counts of movement? Choreographers’ Workshop is a six session program that focuses on the creation of dance phrases. Using the elements of dance, students experiment with different choreographic forms to develop choreography. Schools considering this workshop are strongly encouraged to attend the annual Choreographers’ Showcase that features original work of Louisville Ballet dancers. Due to the participation required of the students, groups no larger than 30 will be considered. Fee: $650

Dance Participation & Demonstration (All ages)

The purpose of this Demonstration is to show students a practical application of Core Content Dance vocabulary/terminology through classical ballet technique and basic movement participation exercises. Louisville Ballet’s Director of Education and four Company dancers will travel to your school for the demonstration, culminating in a short dance performance. Schools will be provided a Study Guide with exercises and discussion prompts for teachers to share with their students. Student participation and the opportunity to ask questions are included in the presentation. Fee: $550/45min. $700/70min. (the longer demonstration includes choreographic forms)

Louisville Ballet Tour (All ages)

Discover what it takes to put on a Louisville Ballet production. From rehearsals in the studio to sewing costumes in the Wardrobe Department, everything takes place at our Main Street campus. Students will understand how each area of the Company, dancers, wardrobe, production, development, etc. work together to bring a Louisville Ballet production to the stage. Because space is limited, groups no larger than 25 will be considered. Cost for the tour is $5.00 per person.

Programs conducted outside of a 30 mile radius of Louisville will be assessed an additional mileage fee.

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