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FRONT: Julia Sanders, Marta Kelly, Elizabeth Smith, Chelsea Cambron.
MIDDLE: Claire Horrocks, Sophia Myers, Jessica Columbus, Sanjay Saverimuttu.
BACK: Jonathan Paul, Vanessa Cielle, Alexandra Hoffman, Lacey Elliston, Rebecca Deitrich, Lindsay Knight.
Not pictured: Hatsumi Ishii, Hailee Karam 

Chelsea Cambron – Hometown: Santa Barbara, CA. Trained at UC Santa Barbara and Santa Barbara Festival Ballet.

Vanessa Cïelle – Hometown: Saint Louis, MO. Trained at Ballet Conservatory of Saint Louis/Ballet Midwest, Center of Creative Arts (COCA), and Nashville Ballet.

Jessica Columbus – Hometown: Ashland, KY. Trained at the Louisville Ballet School.

Rebecca Deitrich – Hometown: Lexington, KY. Trained at Butler University and Lexington Ballet.

Lacey Elliston – Hometown: Salt Lake City, UT. Trained at Ballet Austin.

Alexandra Hoffman – Hometown: Cleveland, OH. Trained at Great Lakes Youth Ballet Company.

Claire Horrocks – Hometown: Los Angeles, CA. Trained at Oklahoma School of Dance.

Hailee Karam – Hometown: Sterling Heights, MI. Trained at The Joffrey Ballet (Chicago) and Ann Parsley’s School of Dance in Michigan.

Marta Kelly – Hometown: Tampa, FL. Trained at Next Generation Ballet and Milwaukee Ballet II

Lindsay Knight – Hometown: Santa Rosa, CA. Trained at Indiana University Ballet Theater and Santa Rosa Dance Theater

Sophia Myers – Hometown: Cincinnati, OH. Trained at the School for Creative and Performing Arts of Cincinnati.

Julia Sanders – Hometown: Crestwood, KY. Trained at the Louisville Ballet School.

Elizabeth Smith – Hometown: The Woodlands, TX. Trained at the University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music and Payne Academy of Performing Arts.

Jonathan Paul - Hometown: Rochester, NY. Trained at Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet, Nevada Ballet Theater and The Suzanne Farrell Ballet

Sanjay Saverimuttu – Hometown: Boca Raton, FL. Trained at Stanford University and Boca Ballet Theatre.

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