Primary Division

The Primary Division is designed to develop coordination, musicality, and kinetic awareness, as well as to instill a love for dance and the arts. Whether or not a young student continues in their training, the skills and awareness gained from participation in dance as a child will build confidence valuable for a lifetime. Current students are placed into the Primary Division based on their age and level of experience. Class selection for new students should be made according to the student’s age as of the start of the school year, August 6th. Placement is for the entire school year. All Primary Division Classes are held at the St. Matthews Studios.


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Dance Together (Age 0 months – 3 years)

Feel the beat and move your feet at these fun dance classes designed just for young children and their caregivers. Learn basic dance steps and bond with your tiny dancer in a 30-minute class.

Classes take place on an ongoing basis throughout the school year, so participants may join and attend the class on a drop-in basis whenever they would like to! For detailed class guidelines, click here.

Your first class is free!  |  $15 Drop-in Class  |  $55: 4-Class Card  |  $130: 10-Class Card

Dance Together I

Dance Together I is a gentle yet energetic class and is a great opportunity for the adult and child to bond through the shared experience of movement and music.

Dance Together II

Dance Together II helps children develop locomotor and basic movement skills, as well as social skills and creativity.

Intro to Creative Movement 1 – Spring Semester Only (Age 3)

Once a week / 30 minutes / $260 per semester

Intro to Creative Movement I encourages young three-year olds to take the lead in their own class. With the introduction of a structured yet fun dance class setting, these young dancers will explore self-expression through movement and music, expand body awareness and build social sensibilities. *Students should be 3 years of age by the start of the Spring Semester, January 12, 2015.

Creative Movement I (Age 3)

Once a week / 30 minutes  |  $260 per semester

Creative Movement I encourages three-year-olds to use their imagination in a structured dance class setting to expand body awareness, develop locomotor skills, and build social sensibilities.

Creative Movement II  (Age 4)

Once a week / 30 minutes  |  $260 per semester

Creative Movement II for four-year-olds encourages creative thinking, while cultivating the movement base needed for ballet.  As the students’ concentration and gross motor skills improve, we encourage body awareness and begin to introduce patterns in both music and movement.

Pre-Ballet (Ages 5 & 6)

Once a week / 1 hour  |  $450 per semester

In Pre-Ballet, we practice movements like jumping and galloping to promote increased bone density.  Pre-Ballet introduces French terms and basic ballet positions, while reinforcing the structured movement activities from previous class levels.  Introducing tap dance at this level helps to establish rhythm skills and musicality, while teaching students to isolate movement of the feet and ankles.

Beginning Ballet  (Ages 7 & 8 )

Once a week / 1 hour  |  $450 per semester

Beginning Ballet focuses on balance and body alignment, while introducing ballet technique at the barre within the structure of a formal ballet class.  At this level, students have the physical maturity needed to gain increased flexibility, core strength and body control.


Dress Code

Primary Division girls wear a pink leotard, pink crepe skirt, plain white socks, and pink full-sole ballet slippers.  No tights, please.  Hair must be kept off the face and neck.  Long hair must be prepared in a neat bun secured with hairpins and hairnet.  Boys wear a tight fitting white tank with black shorts, plain white socks, and black or white full-sole ballet shoes.  Pre-Ballet students also wear black tap shoes.