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 Student Handbook


About Us

As the official training center of the Louisville Ballet, the Louisville Ballet School offers a variety of classes designed for students of all ages and disciplines – from the casual student looking for recreation and exercise to the serious student who is aspiring to a professional career in dance. In striving for the development of each individual’s full potential, the Louisville Ballet School community supports an appreciation for tradition and a sense of shared experience that prepares students for futures as artists, engaged citizens, audience members, and responsible young men and women. With an outstanding faculty that includes Company members from the Louisville Ballet and some of the finest dancers and instructors in the area, we nurture each student in developing their skills and, above all, a lifelong appreciation for dance and movement.


The Louisville Ballet School offers a distinguished recreational and pre-professional program in dance, combined during the school season with opportunities to audition for, and perform in, the Louisville Ballet Youth Ensemble and productions with Louisville Ballet’s professional company. Year-round programs are taught by a dedicated faculty with extensive professional credentials, providing intensive training and performance opportunities for talented young dancers.

The School’s comprehensive curriculum focuses on strong technique that is rooted in the traditions of classical ballet and inspired by a contemporary vision of the future. This curriculum is designed to serve dancers of all ages by supporting the continuing quest for greater athleticism, artistry, clarity, grace, speed and musicality. Annual performances of classical and contemporary works are also an important part of the training model at the School, allowing students to develop discipline, endurance, choreographic memory and stage presence.

Educational Philosophy

The Louisville Ballet School prides itself in being a centre for dance & wellness for students of all ages and abilities. Providing exceptional dance education, while nurturing our students’ developing skills and lifelong love for dance extends far beyond the syllabus. We strive to challenge each student, whether he or she dances for enjoyment or pre-professional training, to explore his or her own potential as a performing artist. Our highly-trained faculty members, take great care to instruct students with proper technique and great discipline in a encouraging and supportive environment.

We believe that an engaging, dynamic and nurturing learning environment teaches valuable skills and instills discipline with joy and respect. We take great care in providing thoughtful guidance and clear communication to ensure that a student’s journey is inspiring and rewarding. By valuing and serving the individual needs of each student, we allow them to learn and grow in their own time. Our programming is designed to allow for harmony with students’ personal and academic goals so our classes cultivate happy, healthy and creative young people.

Our School sets itself apart from many others as we emphasize a healthy learning environment focused on technical and artistic excellence. As a professional dance school, we empower students to gain confidence through self-discipline and constructive feedback. We provide enduring and passionate support for each student’s unique journey through a caring community of artists and educators. While supporting the accomplishments of their peers, students learn how to cooperate while building strong, lasting friendships.

We are proud of our alumni who have gone on to dance professionally with the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, Ailey II, American Ballet Theatre, Aspen Santa Fe Ballet, Ballet Magnificat!, Barcelona Ballet, Boston Ballet II, Colorado Ballet, Ft. Wayne Ballet, Houston Ballet, Louisville Ballet, Missouri Ballet Theatre, New York City Ballet, Peridance Contemporary Dance Company, and Sarasota Ballet. We also applaud those who have continued their dance education (many on scholarship) at New York University/Tisch School of the Arts, Fordham University, Butler University, Florida State, University of Arizona, Pointe Park University, and Southern Methodist University. Many have received awards for their choreography and outstanding technique as well as scholarships to study with other professional schools including Boston Ballet and the School of American Ballet.

We thank you for choosing the Louisville Ballet School as a place to continue your dance education.

Student Handbook Table of Contents

School Policies and Guidelines

Studio Locations

Registration and Tuition

Scholarships and Financial Aid

Dance Training Guidelines

Student Evaluation

Class Placement



School Schedules, Notices, and Cancellation

Dancer Care, Etiquette and Wellness Guidelines

Class Attire

Studio Facilities

Personal Items and Storage

Dance Studio Etiquette


Personal Hygiene


School Policies and Guidelines

Studio Locations

Louisville Ballet Downtown Studios

315 East Main Street, Louisville, KY 40202 – 583-3150 x 245

St. Matthews Studios

4121 Shelbyville Road, Louisville, KY 40207 – 895-3700

For studio hours, please visit Hours and Locations.

Semester Dates

Fall Semester: August 6 –  November 25, 2014

Spring Semester: January 12 – May 9, 2015

Registration and Tuition


Registration begins in July and continues on a first-come, first-served basis. Online registration with credit card or e-check payment is now available! You may also mail or drop off your registration form and payment to the Louisville Ballet School (Main St. Location only) between 10am and 5pm Monday through Friday.


Tuition rates are available in the class catalog on our website. Tuition prices listed in the class catalog are for each semester. Special discounts are available for families with multiple students and for those students registered in elective classes.

Students are usually enrolled for the entire school year, which consists of the Fall and Spring Semesters. Students enrolled in the Fall semester will automatically be billed for the Spring semester unless written notification that a student does not intend to return has been submitted to the School Administrator prior to the beginning of the semester. Additionally, please inform the School Administrator in writing of all address changes (street or email) or student status during the semester. Payments will be accepted during regular school hours or office hours or mailed to the attention of the School Administrator to the Louisville Ballet School, 315 E. Main Street, Louisville, KY 40202-1215. Credit card payments may also be made by phone.

As a rule, students will not be admitted to class without having paid tuition and fees in advance, according to the payment requirements specific to their program and level. The School reserves the right to remove any student who fails to comply with its rules and regulations or who engages in any activity contrary to the fulfillment of its objectives. In such event, the School will be owed fees for the entire semester.

Tuition is to be paid in full by close of business on the weeks listed in the installment payment schedule below. Delinquent accounts will be charged a $25 late fee per semester. An additional $5 late fee will be charged each week that accounts remain delinquent. Checks returned for insufficient funds or declined credit card transactions will incur a $30 fee per transaction. Contact the School Administrator to arrange payment of overdue accounts.

Adult Division

Adult Division dancers are not required to pay a registration fee, although each student must complete a registration form each year to maintain active status. Adult Division classes are ongoing and registered dancers may attend as many classes as they wish, paying for classes only when they attend. Starting on Monday, August 13th single classes are $15. Class cards are available for $55 (redeemable for 4 classes) or $130 (redeemable for 10 classes). Class cards are non-refundable and are valid for one year from the date purchased. Payment is to be made at the time the class is taken.

As a courtesy to both our students and instructors, adult classes may be held with only one adult student at the discretion of the adult student and instructor. If the adult student and instructor both agree to hold class, the adult student will be charged $30 or two class stamps on their class card. If the only student is new to the school, the class may be held and the student is only required to pay the normal class rate.

Installment Payment Schedule

Tuition payments can be divided into two or four installments each semester. A $5 processing fee will be assessed for each installment. The account holder must provide a credit card for payments to be divided evenly and deducted automatically on the designated due dates. Account holders selecting 2 installments will be billed on the first Friday in the months of August, October, January, and March. Account holders selecting 4 installments will be billed on the first Friday in the months of August through November and January through April.

Scholarships and Financial Aid

The Louisville Ballet School wants to share the joy of dance with students from our entire region. School Fellowship and Work-Study Tuition Exchange Program applications are due by 5:00 pm Friday, August 1, 2014. No late or incomplete applications will be considered. Awards are only applicable to the 14-15 School year (August-May) and any required service hours must be completed by the end of each semester.

School Fellowship

For students who demonstrate exceptional aptitude and merit, there are a limited number of partial tuition fellowships awarded for the 14 – 15 school year. Awards are granted based on exceptional merit to students who have studied in the School for a minimum of one year (or have attended Level 3 or 4 of the Summer Dance Programs or Summer Intensive) and who are enrolled for a minimum of three classes per week and Spring Showcase during the 14-15 school year. Students who are granted fellowship awards are ambassadors of the Louisville Ballet School and will be expected to participate at various School and public events. Families who have not completed their fellowship responsibilities by the end of the Fall Semester, November 25th, will not be able to continue to receive benefits from the Fellowship Program for the Spring Semester. Additionally, those families who do not complete their fellowship responsibilities in a timely manner will become ineligible to apply for the program in the future. For additional information, please click here to view and submit the School Fellowship Application Form online.

Work-Study Tuition Exchange Program

Dedicated applicants may apply for a limited number of work-study opportunities in exchange for credit toward their dance training for the 14-15 school year. Work-Study Tuition Exchange participants are selected based on financial need and project proposal through a non-audition application and evaluation process. Students and/or parents accepted into the Work-Study Exchange Program are assigned specific duties that provide valuable assistance to the Louisville Ballet School. The number of work-study hours assigned is based on evaluation of individual applications and proposed contributions. Families who have not completed their work-study responsibilities by the end of the Fall Semester, November 25th, will not be able to receive benefits from the Work-Study Exchange Program for the Spring Semester. Additionally, those families who do not complete fellowship responsibilities in a timely manner will not be eligible to apply for the program in the future. For additional information, please click here to view and submit the Work-Study Tuition Exchange Program Application Form online.

Dance Training Guidelines

The Louisville Ballet School does not discriminate on the basis of gender, sexual orientation, race, religion, or national or ethnic background.

Successful students have a willingness for dedicated work in a disciplined learning environment. Self-discipline is the only practice that will guide a student to personal satisfaction and continued progress. Students are encouraged to approach classes with joy rather than a sense of obligation. Put your time and energy to the best use by allowing yourself to be inspired by your love of dance in each and every class or rehearsal.

Students follow a structured curriculum that is designed to increase skill, endurance and discipline in accordance with age, maturity, physical development, as well as technical and artistic progress. The frequent and consistent repetition of steps during class is elemental to the study of ballet and cannot be replaced by individual study. Notes and corrections are an essential part of ballet instruction; therefore, teachers will verbally and physically guide the students to ensure proper body placement and execution of movement. Students may not receive individual corrections in every class, but should assume that every correction given (whether to the class or to an individual) applies to each and every student.  Students in the Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced Divisions are to keep a notebook in class in order to record and review corrections, study ballet terminology, and set goals.  Proper implementation and retention of corrections in class supports continued progress.

Dancers are a work in progress. Gracefully learning from frustrations as well as achievements will guide students toward personal, technical and artistic growth.  Focused and dedicated effort is expected each day in order to make each student’s experience positive and successful. It is extremely important that students are self-motivated and enthusiastic in their approach to class work. Teachers are a constant source of information and guidance, but should not have to repeatedly ask students to take a proactive approach to learning. Students who push themselves to meet their goals in each class or rehearsal can feel proud of themselves, knowing that they have done their best.

Student Evaluation

Tremendous care and attention are devoted to the evaluation process in order to provide clear goals for our students as they develop their technique and love of dance. In addition to comments given by each student’s instructor(s), all students enrolled in the School’s vocational levels (Elementary and Intermediate/ Advanced levels) will be formally evaluated to help determine student advancements for the next school season. At the end of each school year, all students will receive a letter indicating their placement for the following school year.

A student’s level placement is a benchmark which indicates a student’s attainment of the skills set forth in the syllabus.    Placement is a complex process, and may not necessarily be based on a student’s years of study or age (with the exception of the placement of new students in the Primary Division classes). Accordingly, we rely heavily on the expertise of our faculty and School Director to observe each student’s understanding and application of class material, physical strength and development, as well as intellectual and artistic maturity observed throughout the school season. Additionally, the level of technical achievement within the general student population can and does change, affecting overall placement standards throughout the levels of the School. Students should generally expect to spend a minimum of one to two years at each level before being promoted to the next level.

It is important to note that advancement is a unique process for each individual student. Above all, students will be placed in a level that will allow for challenging study without putting at risk the physical health and emotional well-being of the child. Unlike academic programs, it is not uncommon for students to be asked to repeat a level of training, and this practice is in no way designed to be a punishment. It is of the utmost importance that students are not only able to execute class material safely in order to avoid injuries caused by improper technique, but also to excel in their mastery of the skills required at each level. It is with these criteria in mind that the Louisville Ballet School supports each student’s fulfillment of his or her potential as a dancer, while learning and growing as young artists.

Class Placement

The School reserves the right to determine the class level for every student, regardless of prior training. Students are required to attend all assigned classes according to level and placement.  Class placement is for the entire school year.

  • Returning students shall register for the class level recommended in the evaluation process at the end of the prior school year.

  • Class selection for new Primary Division students should be made according to the student’s age as of the start of the school year, August 6th.

  • New students in the Elementary, Intermediate, and Advanced divisions will be evaluated in an orientation class held prior to the beginning of the semester.

Occasionally, changes in placement will be made when a new semester begins and the School reserves the right to make placement changes that it deems necessary for the safety and well-being of the student.

Parents or guardians may request a placement re-evaluation in writing by submitting a written request form and submitting the $25 re-evaluation fee during the first five weeks of the semester. The School will take steps schedule an appointment with their child’s instructor and/or the School Director to review the child’s progress.

Training between Sessions

Intermediate through Advanced level students may take adult classes at no charge when no other classes at an appropriate level are offered. This is in effect between Spring, Summer and Fall semesters and during school vacations and holidays. Students are invited to attend morning ballet classes during our Summer Intensive for a special rate or Adult Division classes at the regular rate if he or she is unable to attend the full-day Summer Intensive session.

Summer Study

Continuing your dance training during the summer is essential for every dancer. The Louisville Ballet School offers summer dance programs and classes for all ages. Summer study is strongly suggested for any serious dance student with pre-professional aspirations in order to maintain the momentum that is essential for continued progress.

Master Classes, Workshops, and Continuing Education

Master classes and workshops scheduled throughout the year offer our students the exclusive opportunity to learn from experts in a variety of areas of study. Special programming includes master dance classes taught by local and national performing artists, as well as physical therapy and pre-pointe screenings.

Select Intermediate and Advanced Division students are invited to participate in free master classes with legendary performer and coach Helen Starr.

Our faculty members are also encouraged to attend master classes and workshops and share information on teaching methodologies through regular interaction and meetings with the School Director and other faculty members.

Outside Training

The Louisville Ballet School’s curriculum is comprehensive and demanding. In order to maintain a commitment to each dancer’s artistic and technical growth, Louisville Ballet School students are not permitted to take classes with or perform with any other ballet studio, school or company without written permission from the School Director. In addition, the Louisville Ballet School does not offer private instruction to Louisville Ballet School students at any of its locations.


Attendance is imperative for consistent progress. Students are expected to attend all classes unless formally excused due to illness or other extenuating circumstances. The Louisville Ballet School must be notified if an absence is anticipated. Please contact us via email at school@louisvilleballet.org or call 583-3150 x245 for Main Street classes. For classes held at the St. Matthews studios, email stmatt@louisvilleballet.org or call 895-3700.

In order to ensure proper attendance records, students at the St. Matthews Studios are asked to briefly check in with the front desk staff before each class. Downtown students should check-in with their instructor. Primary Division students will line up with their instructor who will call out the name of each student for the front desk staff to double-check attendance. Elementary and Youth Division students are asked to communicate their full name and class with the front desk staff before going to the dressing room or classroom. All students arriving once a class has begun must check in first with the front desk staff to determine if the student will be permitted to join the class.

Students are encouraged to make up any excused absences, which include those missed due to illness, injury, weather cancellation or tardiness. All make-up classes should be completed by the end of each semester. Make-up classes may be taken in an alternate section of the student’s registered class or in a lower level class. As a courtesy to our families, we offer a special make-up week at the end of the fall semester. Please check the online calendar for dates. Parents should sign their child in at the front desk for all make-up classes taken at the St. Matthews studios to ensure that the student receives credit for the classes they make up. If the parent or student does not sign-in to record the make-up class, it will not be recorded on their attendance record, which could affect the student’s evaluation at the end of the school year.

Tardiness is unacceptable. To prevent physical injury to our young dancers when attempting to dance without proper warm up, students entering a ballet class after pliés will remain in the studio and observe class. Students arriving to elective classes more than 10 minutes late will remain in the studio and observe class. Although observing class is quite useful, if you realize that you will arrive after the designated grace period, it is advised that the student elect to take a make-up class in place of observing.


Dates for Louisville Ballet School Performances can be found on our School Calendar.

Primary Petite Finale

The Primary Petite Finale is a showcase of our youngest students’ achievements. This informal showing gives our students a performance experience, allowing them to share what they have learned throughout the year without the stress and anxiety of a traditional “recital”.

Spring Showcase and Spring Collection

The Spring Showcase is a main stage feature performance designed especially for the students of the Louisville Ballet School. Performers discover the art of storytelling through dance while sharing in the traditions of the full-length classical ballets. Showcase dancers attend regular rehearsals in addition to his/her regular classes.

As an important aspect of the training offered at the Louisville Ballet School, all Beginning through Advanced level and Youth Open Division students are invited participate in the annual Spring Showcase. Students who wish to participate must register for the Showcase in addition to their regular technique class(es) to be involved. Although a student may be enrolled in the Spring Showcase, mandatory attendance at Showcase rehearsals is required in order for any student to be allowed to perform.

The Spring Collection features students in a wide range of dance styles offered in the Youth Open Division. Dancers will learn choreography during class time that will be presented on stage as part of the Spring Showcase performance.  Spring Collection dancers are expected to attend a limited number of additional rehearsals prior to the performance.

Additional information can be found in the Spring Showcase Handbook and on our Spring Showcase webpage.

Louisville Ballet’s production of The Brown-Forman Nutcracker

Louisville Ballet School students are given the opportunity to audition for children’s roles in this magical production. This is a chance for young dancers to be a part of a long-standing Louisville holiday tradition and to rehearse and perform alongside the professional dancers of the Louisville Ballet. For additional information, please visit the School’s Brown-Forman Nutcracker webpage.

Louisville Ballet Youth Ensemble

Chosen each year by audition, Intermediate and Pre-professional students are selected for the Louisville Ballet Youth Ensemble. The Youth Ensemble was founded in 1952 and is now in its sixty-third year training the finest dancers and choreographers of tomorrow. In addition to its own performances, the Youth Ensemble also dances at the annual SERBA Festival (Southeast Regional Ballet Association) hosted by Regional Dance America.

School Schedules, Notices and Cancellation

Please visit our School Calendar for a complete listing of important dates.

Detailed class information and schedules can be found on our Class pages.

Website, Email Alerts, and Notice Boards

Families are asked to provide an email address at Registration in order to expedite the delivery of important school information. Please add school@louisvilleballet.org to your safe senders list or address book and check your email regularly to ensure you receive important school information in a timely manner. Students and parents are encouraged to monitor LBS update emails containing information concerning class changes, upcoming events, PALS, seminars, rehearsals, performances and other School-related information. When time permits, the Louisville Ballet School staff will make every effort to communicate urgent and important information via email blast. Please inform us of any changes in your email address.

Similar information that applies to the general school population will also be available on our website, Facebook page and the bulletin boards (located in the lobbies at both the St. Matthews and Main Street studios) for your convenience.

Weather Cancellations

During inclement weather, the Louisville Ballet School will generally close when Jefferson County Public Schools classes are cancelled. However, we will not always adhere to Jefferson County Schools closures, since afternoon weather and driving conditions can differ considerably from early morning conditions. Please call 583-3150, ext. 245 or check the school Facebook page and website for the most up-to-date announcements related to School closings.

Text Alert Opt in

Don’t miss a beat!  Sign up here to receive important updates about last-minute class changes or cancellations with our text alerts.

Alerts will be reserved for only the most urgent and important changes such as cancellations due to weather or unforeseen circumstances.  We will personalize messages when changes apply to a certain classes or divisions whenever possible.  We will still rely on detailed email notifications for advance notification.

Please allow up to 5 business days for your subscription to become active.  You can opt out at any time by simply replying to the text with “OPT OUT” or via email to school@louisvilleballet.org.  Please be sure to update your subscription if your mobile service provider or mobile number changes.

Please note that text messaging rates will apply.  Please consult your mobile service provider for details.

Peek Weeks

Families are invited to observe their child’s progress during observation weeks, which are scheduled once per semester. We ask that those wishing to observe their dancer in class respect the classroom and the dancers by maintaining a quiet working environment.  Please silence all electronic devices before entering the studio and refrain from talking during class. The taking of photographs or video is not allowed during class as it is distracting to the dancers. Please view our School Calendar for dates.

Dancer Care, Etiquette and Wellness Guidelines

Class Attire

The student dress code or uniform maintains the tradition and aesthetic of classical ballet. Therefore, appropriate class attire is required. Please carefully review the following uniform requirements listed for your child’s class level. Students dressed inappropriately for class will not be allowed to participate, but will remain in the studio and observe.

Required styles are reasonably priced and can be purchased at Kinney Dancewear & online at Discount Dance Supply. A percentage of all orders placed through Discount Dance Supply will benefit the Louisville Ballet School by using the Teacher Referral Program code “TP27451.

Hair must be kept off the face and neck. All hair should be secured to the crown of the head with hairpins or bobby pins and a hair net. Long hair must be prepared in a neat bun secured with hairpins and hairnet prior to class time. Girls with very short hair should secure their hair with a band, held in place with bobby pins and/or clips, and should use hairspray or gel to prevent hair from becoming loose and falling in front of the face. Headbands, hair pins or clips, and hairnets are to be the same color as the student’s hair or the color of their uniform leotard. Loose ponytails, braids, or unsecured buns are not permitted.

Be sure to check out our Ballet Bun Tutorial with Miss Brienne to perfect your bun!

No watches or jewelry may be worn except small earrings.

Parents are encouraged to monitor the fit and condition of all dancewear. Leotards, tights, and shoes that are too small or too large can interfere with technique. Severely small shoes can permanently injure a student’s feet, joints and back. Oversized garments and shoes can be dangerous and may cause injury. The instructor must check all shoes before elastics or ribbons are sewn.

Any clothing worn over the dancewear qualifies as a warm-up. Warm-ups make it quite difficult for the instructor to assess proper technique, placement and alignment. When necessary, warm-ups specifically made for ballet are the only additional dancewear permitted during classes. These items are snug and form fitting, like a leotard, allowing the instructor a clear view of the torso and spine.

All leotards, tights, skirts and dance shoes should be clean, neat, and labeled with the student’s first initial and last name in permanent, waterproof ink. Class attire for those in the Primary, Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced divisions includes, but is not limited to, one leotard in the required style, per student. Required styles for each level are listed. Additional leotard styles may be worn but must be in the specified color for each level. Please note that halter style and some racer-back leotards can visually distort the aesthetic line that our dancers strive to create. Additionally, adornments such as rhinestones, ruffles, and decorative straps can be distracting to the discerning eye of the instructor. Please choose a camisole, tank, short or long sleeve leotard with a classic silhouette and minimal decoration.

Primary Division girls wear a pink cap-sleeved leotard, pink crepe skirt, plain white socks and pink leather full-sole ballet shoes. No tights, please. Boys wear a tight fitting white tank with black shorts, plain white socks and black or white full-sole ballet shoes. Pre-Ballet students also wear black tap shoes.

Elementary I level girls wear a light-blue cap-sleeved leotard, plain white socks and pink leather full-sole ballet shoes. No tights or skirts, please. Boys wear a tight-fitting white tee shirt or leotard, black or gray tights with dance belt, plain white socks and black or white full-sole ballet shoes.

Elementary II-IV level girls wear a light-blue tank style or v-strap camisole style leotard, pink tights and pink leather full-sole ballet shoes. No skirts, please. Boys wear a tight-fitting white tee shirt or leotard, black or gray tights with dance belt, plain white socks and black or white full-sole ballet shoes.

Intermediate I young ladies wear a maroon sweetheart tank leotard with pink tights and pink leather full-sole ballet shoes (pointe shoes for pointe class). No skirts, please. Young men wear a gray or black unitard, or tights and white tee shirt, dance belt, plain white socks and black or white full-sole ballet shoes.

Intermediate II-III young ladies wear a maroon sweetheart tank leotard with pink tights and pink split-sole ballet shoes (pointe shoes for pointe class). No skirts, please. Young men wear a gray or black unitard, or tights and white tee shirt, dance belt, plain white socks and black or white split-sole ballet shoes.

Advanced ladies wear a lavender camisole leotard with pink tights, pink split-sole ballet shoes and pointe shoes. No skirts, please. Gentlemen wear a gray or black unitard, or tights and white tee shirt, dance belt, plain white socks and black or white split-sole ballet shoes.

Youth and Teen Open Ballet young ladies wear a solid-colored leotard, pink tights and pink ballet shoes. Hair must be kept off the face and neck. Long hair must be prepared in a neat bun secured with hairpins and hairnet. Boys and young men wear a tight-fitting white t-shirt or leotard, black or gray tights with dance belt, plain white socks, and black or white full-sole ballet shoes.

Dance Access I girls wear a pink leotard, pink crepe skirt, pink tights or plain white socks and pink full-sole ballet shoes. No tights, please. Boys wear a tight fitting white tank with black shorts, plain white socks, and black or white full-sole ballet shoes.

Flamenco ladies wear a solid-colored leotard, a long flamenco skirt and shawl, with character shoes. Additional accessories and dress requirements for young men will be coordinated with the instructor.

Hip Hop ladies wear a solid-colored leotard or a solid-colored t-shirt, jazz pants, and jazz sneakers with socks or tights. Boys and men wear a solid-colored t-shirt, jazz pants with dance belt, and jazz sneakers with socks. (No shoes that are worn outdoors, please.)

Tap students may wear a solid-colored leotard or a solid-colored t-shirt, jazz pants, and black tap shoes with socks.

Modern ladies wear a solid-colored leotard with pink or black convertible tights and bare feet. Boys and young men wear a tight-fitting, solid-colored t-shirt, jazz pants with dance belt, and bare feet.

Jazz and Broadway Jazz young ladies wear a solid-colored leotard, leggings or jazz pants, and black jazz shoes with socks or tights.  Boys and young men wear a tight-fitting, solid-colored t-shirt, jazz pants with dance belt, and black jazz shoes with socks.  (No jazz sneakers, please.)

Ballet Essentials and Body Conditioning students may wear yoga or other similar work out wear and bare feet.

Adult Ballet ladies wear a leotard with tights or leggings and ballet shoes. Gentlemen wear a tight-fitting t-shirt, black tights with dance belt, white socks, and ballet shoes.

Studio Facilities

No illegal substances, firearms or weapons are allowed on Louisville Ballet School property.

Drop off / Pick up

Since young children often need to use the restroom or need a parent at a moment’s notice, we would appreciate it if parents could please remain at our studios during classes that are thirty minutes in length.

St. Matthews Location: Parents and guardians will need to walk to the second floor and into our lobby to drop off or pick up their children. All students, regardless of their age and maturity, MUST wait to be picked up by their guardian in the front seating area where our receptionist is located.

Please be punctual when picking up your child after class and/or rehearsal. Students picked up later than 10 minutes after the child’s class and/or rehearsal has ended will be charged a $25 late pick-up fee.

For the safety and health of the students, street clothing and shoes must be worn over dance clothes when entering and exiting the building.

St. Matthews Facilities

The waiting area at the St. Matthews studio is for the convenience of our families. The handbook serves as a guideline for proper behavior for our students, but MUST be supplemented by proper behavior by parents and other guests.

All children who are not attending class must be accompanied by an adult while in the lobby. Small children are not  permitted to be separate from their parents nor should they be free to run or move throughout the facilities at any time. Although quiet conversation is welcome, please respect others (including all other organizations using the space) and the classes that are in session.

There are tables in the lobby for students and families to eat. Please restrict food and drink consumption to the clearly designated areas.

Students that wish to do school work in a quiet setting are invited to work quietly in our Study Room. Please check in with the Front Desk Attendant for permission to use the Study Room.

Downtown Studio Facilities

For the safety and security of the staff and students, the Louisville Ballet Center building must remain locked after normal business hours. Please refrain from allowing entry to individuals whom you do not know personally. If necessary, please contact a staff or faculty member to confirm that an unknown visitor is authorized to enter the building after hours.

Students who use the Louisville Ballet staff lounge must adequately clean up after themselves. Food items, dishes, school supplies, and any other items brought into the lounge must be kept in a tidy manner. Nothing other than food or homework is to be placed on the table. It is expected that students respect the Louisville Ballet staff by keeping noise to a minimum, both during and after normal business hours.

Attending classes in the Louisville Ballet studios is an exceptional privilege. We expect our Intermediate and Advanced level students to maintain proper decorum and cleanliness in order to be allowed to use this shared space. Permission to use the staff lounge may be revoked for students who are disruptive or untidy.

Lobby / Corridor Traffic

Students and family members are expected to be quiet, courteous, respectful and well behaved while in the lobby and all corridors. We ask that families that use the lobby and kitchen area for meals utilize the designated tables near the kitchen and be sure to clean up after themselves. Cleaning supplies will be made available upon request.

Tables and chairs are available for quiet study while in the lobby and a limited number of chairs are available in the corridors for parents to quietly observe classes. Overcrowded corridors are considered hazardous by the Fire Department and increase the risk of injury should an emergency evacuation be necessary. Please refrain from shifting the placement of chairs in the corridors as it can be disruptive to the classes if students become distracted by commotion in the corridors.

Personal Items and Storage

Valuables / Lost & Found

The Louisville Ballet School is not responsible for lost or stolen personal belongings. Students are strongly advised to leave personal valuables at home. Purses and wallets may be taken into the studio while students are taking class.

Lost and found items are kept in the lobby at the St. Matthews studio and in the vending area / lunch room Downtown. All items will be donated to charity if not claimed by the end of each semester.

Dressing Rooms / Lockers

Students may arrive at the studio underdressed in their leotard and tights. Make certain that students are properly dressed in street clothes over their dancewear. Dressing rooms for boys and girls designated by the students’ level are available for changing into and out of dance clothes before and after classes. Please refrain from allowing your student to use the restroom stalls to change their clothing. It is both unsanitary and restricts access to those who need to use the restroom for its intended purpose.

We encourage parents to supervise young children in the dressing rooms, but kindly ask that all parents respect the privacy of other students and honor the designations for separate male and female changing areas. Additionally, please refrain from locking dressing room doors as this restricts access to others wishing to use the dressing room and may inadvertently result in a “lock out”.

Students are expected to bring only their dance bags with dance shoes and accessories into the studio. Coats, street clothes, street shoes and school bags are to be kept in the dressing rooms during classes. Students may store these items in the lockers or on wall hooks that are provided in each dressing room. All belongings are to be taken home after class.

We ask that students refrain from eating while in the dressing room. Instead, the lobby near the kitchen area has tables that are designated for eating.

Dance Studio Etiquette

Intermediate and Advanced level students may request permission to enter an empty studio prior to the start of their class for the purpose of warming-up. Quiet conversation, exercises and stretching are encouraged. Running, shouting, gymnastics and gossiping are not permitted. Students in the Primary, Elementary and Youth Open divisions are not allowed into the studio before their class time or without their instructor.

Tardiness is unacceptable. To prevent physical injury to our young dancers when attempting to dance without proper warm up, students entering a ballet class after pliés will remain in the studio and observe class. Students arriving to elective classes more than 10 minutes late will remain in the studio and observe class.

Once class has begun, quiet is required of all students. Students may raise their hand to ask questions related to class work. Students need to use the restroom prior to class time in order to preserve the continuity of class, unless in the case of an emergency. The wish for a drink of water is not considered an emergency. Tightly closed water bottles are strongly suggested for Elementary through Advanced level dancers. Sipping water throughout the day will help keep a dancer hydrated without feeling the need to take frequent restroom breaks.

Students will remain standing during class time. Sitting on the floor or leaning/ hanging on the barres is not permitted. Disrespectful, uncooperative, or aggressively competitive attitudes are not acceptable from parents or students, and those behaving in such a way will be asked to leave. Inappropriate behavior may be reported in writing to the parents and School Director.

Students are encouraged to exit the studio quickly and quietly after class, remembering to take all personal belongings with them. As instructors are often required to begin another class immediately following your child’s class and may not be aware of all School protocol and procedures, parents are encouraged to contact the School Administrator or Director to discuss any questions or concerns you might have.


The privacy of our students and their families, faculty, and staff is very important to us.  The taking of photographs or videos during classes and rehearsals is not permitted. We ask that all members of our LBS family use discretion when using social media to avoid unwelcome sharing of others’ personal information and/or image without their knowledge and/or permission.  If you would like to contact other parents to arrange for carpooling or other activities outside the studio, please make arrangements to share contact information in-person as the School does not share personal information of students and their families. The Louisville Ballet School Parents’ Connection Facebook Group also provides a great forum for connecting with other LBS families and staying informed about upcoming events.

Student/ Instructor Interaction

In order to respect the time and contributions of our faculty members and allow sufficient time to fully address concerns and questions about a student’s training, we ask that you please refrain from contacting faculty in-between classes, via their personal email, Facebook account, or on home or personal cell phones. If you need to speak with a member of the faculty or staff about your training, please call the School Administrator to set up an appointment or conference with the School Director and the instructor as needed.

Please be advised that the study of dance as an art form does involve physical contact. All faculty and staff members undergo a background check. If you feel there has been any inappropriate physical contact, in class or rehearsal, please immediately report the incident to the School Director.


A student with an injury is encouraged to observe class in order not to fall behind with material. Students should inform their instructors of any recent illness, injury or other medical conditions that may affect stamina or performance. All injuries sustained while at any Louisville Ballet School location must be reported and documented by filling out an injury report which is available as needed. All medication is the responsibility of the student and parent(s) Click here for a listing of Dance Medicine & Physical Therapy Resources Referrals.

Personal Hygiene

During adolescence, learning and maintaining good personal hygiene is very important. Dancers perspire during classes and it is encouraged that they use deodorant and/or antiperspirant to minimize body odor. Students may take classes on multiple days during the week and should wear clean dancewear every day. Students should wash their hands with soap and water after using the restroom to decrease the spread of germs.


Please be considerate of the health of classmates and Instructors. In order to ward off an “epidemic” during cold and flu season, please give your child adequate time to recover from an illness before returning to class. Classes are physically demanding and partial participation is not as beneficial as taking an alternate make-up class when the student is fully recovered. Students who show symptoms of severe and/or contagious illness will not be allowed to take class and will be isolated and sent home.  Please make sure that the School has your updated contact information.

LBS has implemented the following safety measures in order to maintain the health and safety of our students and instructors:

  • Hand sanitizer is available in each studio and at the front desk.

  • Barres are wiped regularly with disinfectant wipes.

  • We strongly recommend that students carry hand sanitizer with them to use before and after class.

  • If you or your child notices illness in a classmate, please notify the front desk receptionist or the instructor.

  • Students must understand the importance of washing hands with soap and water often. This is the best way to decrease the chances of spreading disease.

  • Students must practice good cough/sneeze etiquette. Cough and sneeze into a tissue or turn your face to the side and cough or sneeze into the crook of the arm. If a tissue is used, throw it away immediately. Avoid coughing directly into hands. Wash or use hand sanitizer as soon as possible after sneezing or coughing.

Your assistance is greatly appreciated as we combine our efforts to combat influenza and other transmissible illnesses. We ask you, as a parent, to assist in our efforts to keep the flu and other illnesses from spreading by following these guidelines:

  • Parents should monitor their students for any signs of illness and keep students with influenza-like symptoms (fever with a cough or sore throat) or signs of other infectious illness (fever, vomiting, diarrhea, draining wound) at home.

  • Any time a child has symptoms such as fever with cough, vomiting or diarrhea they should be kept at home and not sent to dance class until those symptoms have been absent for at least 24 hours.

  • If students have symptoms of illness, they will not be allowed to attend classes without a medical evaluation and a doctor’s note.

  • Please monitor your child each day. If any signs of illness are present, please keep your child at home.  Opportunities to make up missed classes are readily available.